During peak COVID, Cigna was concerned about Maricopa County. Arizona infection rates were were dire. Clinic visits in the Phoenix metro area were too low, given the size of their customer base. 

Their in-house creative team was hamstrung by an exhaustive style guide, generating a bland look & feel. They needed to break through, and fast.

The figure stands in a universal posture of well-being. The radiating leaves symbolize growth, health. The horizon implies a landscape. My concept connects each Cigna clinic with each leaf on the Tree of Life, across the Phoenix landscape, like so:

Cigna wanted a fire extinguisher, but was (creatively speaking) unwilling to break glass. With time and budget precluding a TV shoot, I had to optimize for: direct mail, programmatic, OOH/DOOH, and social media. 


I focused on their logomark: the "Tree of Life".

The flat, desert landscape of the the Phoenix skyline is instantly recognizable to Maricopa County residents.

You can see the dual photographic and infographic approach on each side of this direct mailer.

Open-air imagery was on-brand for Cigna, but also aligned with federal guidelines on social distancing and outdoor activities.

Liminal spaces (ATMs, parking garages, etc.) used varying treatments, depending on how long viewers lingered in a given area.

As a YouTube bumper, viewers are again invited to associate Cigna's ubiquitous clinic locations with the leaves on its logo.

For social platforms like Facebook, the infographic is maximized to 4:5.

Similarly, full screen verticals for Snapchat and Instagram Stories.

Keeping the same theme on programmatic display, getting users to smash that conversion button.

The client was happy to report a significant boost in user engagement, testing, and vaccinations.